Changes in slugify.

Slugify changed, which impacts entity ID creation if the entities had names with characters that are not alphanumerical, these characters are now _ (underscore)


Add Freebox component with sensors and device tracker


Targetting all entities in a domain by not sending an entity_id to a service is now deprecated. Instead, send entity_id: all if you want to target all. The old method will work for a couple of releases more, but will print a warning. Please migrate.


The default interval of the weather component was aligned with the sensor component and is now 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds.


In order to fix the below bug, default entity_ids will change (for example, sensor.17track_packages_delivered will change to sensor.seventeentrack_packages_delivered).


Change STATE_AUTO to STATE_HEAT and STATE_AWAY to STATE_ECO to conform to climate DOMAIN standards. Change made to fix Alexa/Google Assistant support for this component.


Add config flow for Daikin. Removes configuration option: monitored_conditions. Also removes configuration settings for sensor.daikin.


Use unicode slugify. Characters that are not between A and Z are now replaced with their latin equivalent. Dashes are replaced with an underscore.


Various enhancements for WeMo component/platforms. entity_id is now required for the wemo_set_humidity service.


seven_segments will incorporate the entity name into the file name changing from former hardcoded ocr.png to ssocr-(ss_entity_name).png to make each ssocr input data file unique.


Update pylaunches dependency to 0.2.0. The launch_time sensor attribute will now be a datetime which can be used in templates, as opposed to a written word string.


Refactored KNX climate component to be able to support operation types. See the documentation for the new operation modes.


Move WeMo device discovery to run after home assistant start so it won't block initial component setup from completing quickly.


Add traccar motion, speed and battery_level attributes